A young man's journey into the idea of setting up his own fruit juice brand

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Battle of the smoothies



Before we get down to business we tested and rated a few smoothies already out in the market 


2. Sainsbury’s



We analysed the mixture of products, Price, Appearance, ingredients, taste, avantages, disadvantages and what makes my product better than the one we were analysing. We found out that most of the products had small quantities of bits within the bottle and extra added fruits within the bottle. 

From this research we gathered that the the best and worst smoothies were


Sainsbury’s – mango passion fruit and goji berry 4/5

Asda – orange, mango 4/5

Innocent strawberries and banana 4/5

innocent strawberries, blackberries and raspberry 3/5 

Tescos strawberry and banana 3/5

Asda stawberry and banana 2/5

The things we need to account for is the taste and texture of the smoothie and to have no secret hidden ingredients

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The Survey

We surveyed 50 males and 50 females in the region of our target market, from the ages of 17 to 40 plus. More than 50% does other forms of exercise and at least 29% played sport. More than 33% said they would be likely to drink a smoothie in the morning, Although 29% said that they wouldn’t drink a smoothie. The highest percent of smoothie intakers are mostly from morning to lunch. Over 64% said they would purchase a smoothie because of the taste, More than 50% said they would purchase of smoothie after a tasting a sample. 28% said that they don’t know, it is regarding physically seeing the product, 31% said they would pay £1.50 for a smoothie and a mixture between £1 & £2. Many were aware of the brands innocent and tropicana with a rate other 80%. The rest was a mix between supermarket smoothies such as tescos & M&S, Strawberry was vote favourite of fruits 2nd banana’s and 3rd apples. Summer berries came out best with the smoothie flavours test.

Here are the results broken down.

Please specify your gender?
Male 49 50%
Female 49 50%
17-21 38 38.38%
40+ 30 30.30%
22-30 24 24.24%
31-39 10 10.10%
Do you :(tick more than one box)
Other form of exercise 50 50.51%
Play Sport 29 29.29%
No exercise at all 28 28.28%
Work out at gym 24 24.24%
when are the most likely times you would drink a smoothie?
Morning 33 33.33%
I wouldn’t drink a smoothie 29 29.29%
Lunch 28 28.28%
no time in particular 27 27.27%
End of working day 9 9.09%
After a work out 9 9.09%
after sports event 5 5.05%
before sports event 3 3.03%
before a workout 2 2.02%
What would be your primary motivation for purchasing a smoothie?
Taste 61 64.89%
Health Benefits 25 26.60%
Part of your five aday 24 25.53%
I wouldn’t purchase a smoothie 24 25.53%
Price 22 23.40%
If given a free sample, would you be more likely to purchase a smoothie after sampling?
Yes 51 53.68%
Don’t Know 27 28.42%
No 17 17.89%
From the prices below please choose the price you would be perpared to pay for a smoothie?
£1 19 20.21%
£1.50 30 31.91%
£2.00 28 29.79%
£2.50 9 9.57%
£3.00 4 4.26%
£3.50 4 4.26%
Which Smoothie brands are you aware of
Innocent 82 89.13%
Tropicana 75 81.52%
Tecos Super fruit smoothie 28 30.43%
Sainsburys taste the difference 28 30.43%
Asda smoothie 26 28.26%
M&S count on us 26 28.26%
Boots shapers 21 22.83%
Crussh 11 11.96%
Waitrose 11 11.96%
PJ’s 9 9.78%
B2B Smoothies 6 6.52%
The big j 2 2.17%
Of the fruits below, which of these are your favourites
Strawberry 45 50.56%
Banana 37 41.57%
Apple 36 40.45%
Mango 30 33.71%
Raseberry 29 32.58%
Orange 27 30.34%
kiwi 20 22.47%
Peach 20 22.47%
Pineapple 19 21.35%
Passionfruit 18 20.22%
Grape 12 13.48%
Lime 9 10.11%
Grapefruit 8 8.99%
Which of these falvour combinaions do you like?
Summer berries 46 52.27%
Tropical (with mango, orange and strawberries 44 50.00%
Strawberry and banana 37 42.05%
Mango & pineapple 35 39.77%

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Whittle it down

After much are thought and descision it was at best that I reduce the size of my target market, being able to focus on something much more grounded. So here is the final polished idea.


A branded range of bottled smoothie drinks which are 100% fresh, natural, raw & organic. Coming in a simple range of flavours to appetite the hungry or health conscious student



We are aiming at the student, a person who wants to keep a healthy lifestyle but does not have the budget or time to maintain the change in regime. We are also aiming at the health conscious, the people who want a change in health lifestyle but do not have the time. For example our drink can bring health benefits if you miss out on going to the gym 



The blends are…. (Mango & Pineapple), (Summer berries), (tropical mango, orange & strawberries) & (Strawberry & Banana)

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The Big Idea

My Idea came from my love of juice drinks, I have tasted a large range of fruit juices and can compare any sort of branded fruit juice againist its competitor to see whether the mutal tasted nicer. For example: In my thought I think that tropicana is a very top quality drink but too expensive – like I would not buy that drink as an every day item and some of the packaging does not clearly show if the drink has bits in it.
Rubicon I love but then comes the risk of launching a new fruit beverage, becuase they have unique flavours. The customer can think of it a risk of buying the product becuase they may not like it (waste of money). But I think acutally seening the liquid can increase or decrease the consumer decision. Now to my idea…..

A branded range of bottled juice drinks which is 100% fresh, natural, raw & organic. Coming in a unique range of Tropical fruit blends straight from the fruit to the bottle. Because there are 4 flavours we want you to have four ways in a week for this drink to cleanse you naturally, giving you variation and a change for once to the taste bud.

Each one of these 4 drink combinations brings a way to cleanse your body healthy. For example blackcurrant and raspberry: blackcurrant has vitamin c & increase antioxidants and the raspberry has benefits increasing oxygen activity and decreased risk of obesity

The blends are I will be focusing on are…. (Blackcurrant & Raspberry), (Watermelon & Lychee), (Kiwi & Coconut) & (Banana & Pineapple). Also please continue to visit the blog every week to a fortnight as I will be updating my story and I hope I can show you an end product at the end of my journey.